Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is possibly one of the best Yamaha guitars out there. We recently received a pair of guitars that show what Yamaha is excelling at: well-built, attractive six-strings at prices that might send other makers scrambling to match. My rate is 10 over 10. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. The A-3 Series features ebony fingerboards which are dark black, distinct, and a bit more resilient to the wear and tear of fingering chords over the life of the guitar. How would you compare the neck width and thickness compared to your Eastman? That being said, the Yamaha A series and the A3R are really excellent for playing, recording etc. I will be trying both of those amps if my dealer has them and will definitely post back here with my experiences. Thanks for sharing. €1,168.10. I absolutely loved your informative and educational review. Most acoustic electric guitars lose their acoustic beauty when plugged in, because they use only a transducer (piezo) technology or an inferior piezo / mic blender, but not the Yamaha A3 and AC3 -Series with S.R.T. Re: the transacoustic: I’d get a regular acoustic and add a Tonewood Amp. It sounds great plugged into a PA and over time we'll see just how durable it is. Otherwise it would be impossible to switch between the different microphone-characteristics. A.R.E Treated Tops Yamaha's Acoustic Res-onance Enhancement (A.R.E) is a thing of legend that gives the Sitka Spruce Tops of the A-Series the appearance and tonal response of aged wood. The guitar is nicely built. Also, whenever I try to ask Yamaha corporate or customer service, their public facing service techs seem to be in the dark as to what models are coming out and when. 4- There does not appear to be a "doubled" mic location option in the SRT2 for picking up a near and wide mic to alter the virtual placement of the microphones and resonant sound. to the product. When you blend over to the mic, and choose the different mic modeling, it is, indeed, a micro-processor that has all of the authentic sounds modeled and stored digitally within the pickup. The Takamine has a cedar top and maple sides and back, which will give you a unique combination of mellow, lush response from the cedar top with more projection in the mid to high EQ range for a guitar. The nut width (width of the neck at the nut near the head) is within 0.5 of a mm of each other, so the width of the fretboard will feel virtually the same. The irony is that I haven't been able to physically hold or play a Yamaha A series guitar as all of the vendors in my area do not stock them regularly, although they can special order it within 5 days or I can order it online on my own. Thanks John F- I really do not know. I have also asked them if they could provide me with Yamaha Japan head office email address as I want to write to them but was told that they do not have any. But the salesman showed me a Yamaha FGX5 Red Label ($1300) and I was blown away by how awesome it sounded. BTW, although I do like the "look" of the Tak better, I would not hesitate to buy the A3R if the sound and playability (especially unplugged) has an edge. they should not have been allowed to charge more than $350 or $400 but it was listed at like $1,100- it was junk. The AC5R ARE, concert body cutaway guitar, features all-solid rosewood back and sides with hand-selected sitka spruce top with Yamaha's original A.R.E. When I was in college, I could not afford this thing, but for only $199 you can buy one and have it professionally installed. I read both parts of your article on "How to choose a guitar amp". Please read through my 2 part article on "how to choose a guitar amp part 1" and "how to choose a guitar amp part 2". . As for the Yamaha Silent, I actually did already write up a review, but it is on the same page as 4 other travel guitar reviews that I did a while back. I was floored too at how much Gibson was asking for that Jumbo model I think. Aaron. Yamaha A3M ARE VN. It feels just as effortless to hold barre chords for extended stretches as it does to play brisk single-note runs and even bend the strings. There was a young man who come to the store looking for a Taylor, but after playing my A3R he's now a believer. Between these two guitars which would you say would sound better unplugged? The tonality is going to be very similar, but with the A3R you will pay less and get a great pickup as well. I actually bought the Yamaha A3CR and love it! A concert body cutaway guitar, the AC5R features all-solid rosewood back and sides with hand-selected sitka spruce top with Yamaha's original A.R.E. NOK 12,490. The Yamaha wins in the feel category,on of the best setup guitars out of the box that I have ever had.
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